My take on Valua for my Skies of Arcadia redesign project.

As Valua is the most belligerent country, I thought it’d be fitting to have their capital and the majority of the lower city on a giant warship.

I really liked the idea of having a giant cannon over the lower city as a symbol of the upper class suppressing the poor and making them work on the ship. I thought it’d be cool to just look up at the sky and see this huge barrel towering over you.

The last image shows the throne of the Empress. I imagine they revere the yellow moonstones since it provides them an edge over other countries with light and power, so I combined that idea with their dragon motif/insignia from the original game. :)



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Submitted idea by Ace! - Mod G


Submitted idea by Ace! - Mod G


when I die just throw me off of your flying ship and pretend I lived in the skies and died in the skies